Pricing for New Site Builds

Standard Site Build

a good entry point if you’re just getting started with a site; covers all the basics and provides room to grow

starting at


+ hosting cost (read more)

Premium Site Build

if you’re ready to go big, a premium package offers you extra services and even more face time with the team

starting at


+ hosting cost (read more)

Basic Landing Page

a landing page is a great alternative if you need something on the web to represent your business, but want to start small and expand later

we can create a landing page built on the same solid platform as our other sites so it’s ready to expand when you are

starting at


+ hosting cost (read more)

13-Web Hosting

What is Hosting?

Having a website involves three things. The most important part is hiring a company to create and/or update your website content. This is the core service that Cascade WebWorks provides for our clients.

Another important but relatively simple part is registering an address (also known as a domain) for your site.

The final piece is setting up an account with a “hosting” company who will maintain the server where your website can be accessed on the internet 24/7. Hosting is typically paid for as a monthly fee.

Some website creation companies require that they manage your hosting for you because they want total control over your site. But at Cascade, we want you to have control of your site.

So, we partner with Anchor Hosting – a company who specializes in top-notch hosting of WordPress sites – to provide the hosting directly to you. This means that you have ownership and control over your website right from the start!

For more information about how the three parts of a website interact, check out this video.