Website Development

New Site Builds

Whether you’re just starting to focus on your business’s online presence or wanting a new site to replace an outdated or low-quality one, Cascade can make sure your business gets the site it needs.

Rebuilds and Refreshes

Just like anything, a website can lose its luster. If your site seems dated, feels buggy, is missing key features, or lacks critical information, we can help rebuild or refresh your site so it reflects how you do business.


With a site rebuild, we save some content and (provided you like it) some of the branding from your old site, and input it into a brand new site that we build from scratch.

You get a new site that look and function like you’ve always wanted while maintaining continuity with your old site!


If you already have a site built in WordPress, a site refresh might be right for you. We’ll audit your site and suggest improvements that could improve the look and feel and/or functionality making it a better tool for attracting and retaining customers.


Everything from landing and product pages to checkout and payment gateway integration — we don’t just make it work, we make it attractive and easy to use.​

Upkeep and Upgrades

Have a site you already like and just need someone to help keep it that way? Let us help you maintain your site and keep it up to date.


We recommend WordPress because we believe it offers the best combination of power, flexibility, and usability for our clients. If your site is already powered by WordPress, we can perform a wide range of feature additions and upgrades in addition to standard content updates.

Other Platforms

We are also happy to provide basic content updates for clients who are using other platforms. In addition we can provide advice and consultation as you consider the ongoing maintenance of your site.

Ongoing Maintenance Plan

An ongoing maintenance plan is the best way to keep your site in tip-top shape because you are assured it’s getting regular maintenance.

After evaluating your site and discussing your needs, we can put together a quote for a monthly upkeep retainer, where we will dedicate time each month to maintaining your site.

In addition to giving you one less thing to worry about, an upkeep subscription also guarantees time dedicated to your site and gets you the best price.

As-Needed Maintenance

Don’t need regular upkeep? We can provide updates and upgrades as you need them, billed either on an hourly or per-project basis.

Site Migration

Changing hosts and need someone to help move your WordPress site? We can be your full-service guide to make sure everything goes smoothly. If your moving away from a site managed by a marketing agency to something more self-managed, we can also suggest a new business-class host with great customer service and affordable prices.